Warranty card

  1. Our products are covered by warranty for period of 24 months for individual customers and for 12 months for enterprises from the date of purchase with no mileage limit.
  2. For the warranty to be granted the customer must provide filled in Warranty card and purchase receipt.
  3. Warranty covers only defects of the products stemming from the product itself.
  4. Warranty cases can be dealt only by PT-Pro.
  5. Accepted warranty results in free of charge exchange of the faulty product by PT-Pro.
  6. Faulty product should be removed from the vehicle immediately after noticing malfunction and returned to remanufacturer.
  7. The customer covers the cost of return of the claimed product to PT-Pro address.
  8. Warranty is void if:
    • Product seals have been broken
    • Serial number has been damaged or removed
    • The product has been repaired or modified by the customer or other unauthorised person (other than PT-Pro).
    • The product bears signs of mechanical damage caused by the customer
  9. Warranty does not cover:
    • Defects caused by improper mounting of the product or improper use of the vehicle (and thus the manifold).
    • Defects caused in accidents (road accident, fire, theft etc.) or external conditions (flood, high humidity etc.)
  10. The deposit is returned to the customer within 2 working days of receiving the old manifold on the bank account specified by the customer.