How we

remanufacture intake manifolds

Remanufacturing is a process that aims at restoring damaged or worn out parts into their full functioning condition. In modern world, where the automotive market seeks savings and where accountants have more to say in engineering of parts than engineers, remanufacturing entails also changes in construction and use of materials of higher endurance.

Remanufacturing can be divided into 6 steps:



The manifold is disassembled into its basic parts, the parts that are replaced with new ones are scrapped. At the initial inspection of parts we sort out parts with visible defects and scrap them as well.


Disassembled manifold is cleaned, mainly of the collected inside carbon deposits and other dirt. Cleaning is performed with use of high pressure washing machines with use of special agents.

Parts verification

WAll parts that will be reused in further processes are thoroughly checked for mechanical damage and wear.

Parts modification

Due to the fact that all moving parts of the swirl flaps are replaced with completely new construction, all manifold parts that are integrated with the flaps must be modified. The modification includes e.g.: drilling holes for increased bearing dimensions or holes for new shafts seals. The modifications are performed with tools and equipment designed specifically for these purposes.


We assemble cleaned and modified parts, new parts .i.e. lever of bronze for BMW and of stainless steel for all other car makes, new seal Simmering type, retaining rings, steel shafts of increased diameter, anodized flaps made of aluminum. We add a set of brand new gaskets.



Assembled manifold is checked for performance and functionality of the swirl flaps (torque).